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For even the Son of Man came not to be served, but to serve...

Mark 10:45

By faith in Jesus Christ and the waters of baptism,  God makes us into a new family.  As a family, we are to love one another by serving one another, and the way we love and serve testifies to the goodness of God's grace. Each of our ministry teams offers you the change to grow in love, to connect with your family,  and to use your gifts and talents for the sake of others.  Our hope is that our love will not only encourage the church, but cultivate hospitality and welcome for all who enter our doors.
Service should not be burdensome, but a joy. While we encourage consistency, we understand how life can get complicated  and plans change, so service at Grace Pasadena is flexible. Each ministry team works together to make sure all needs are filled. At the same time, ministry teams  will work with you to find the best possible ways for you to participate.

Ministry Teams & Opportunities

There are many different opportunities for you to serve,  connect with others, use your talents, and grow your love for God and one another.  

Say Yes to a team or two (or three!)

Sunday Welcome Team

We help set the tone for Sunday worship by inviting everyone in and making sure everyone is seen and encouraged when they walk through our doors.  We also help connect people to any information about our service and life together throughout the week.

Serving Communion

Members and regular attenders are invited to serve communion alongside the pastors, staff and leaders. Click below and follow the instructions. 

Sunday Donut Pickup

One of the most joyful parts of Sunday worship is starting with fresh donuts! This team picks up donuts from Donut & Burger and delivers them before the start of service.  

Events & Family Meals

An important Gospel image is that of a feast. Jesus is always feasting with his people. In fact, the weekly Lord's Table points to the eternal feast Jesus is preparing. We continue the party through snacks and Family Meals after the service and special events as they arise. If you love  to party and connect people, then join us in planning meals and events for Grace and our neighbors. 

Music Team

Musicians and singers from the congregation lead the congregation in singing on Sundays and at special services.  If you have musical skills and talents, then help Grace Pasadena make a joyful noise! We welcome all kinds of instruments and musical styles. 

Grace Children's Ministry

Since the church is the first family for Christians, we encourage all members of Grace Pasadena to walk alongside parents and guardians to help raise our kids in the faith.  If you are college aged or older consider teaching and mentoring our kids and nurture their faith.

Grace Youth Ministry

Say yes to authentic faith, mentoring and friendships, deep conversations, big questions, silly games, pizza, and experiencing God's love in middle and high school.