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You are not alone

When you enter the doors of Grace Pasadena, you become part of our family and community. We are committed to walking alongside you in all situations, including the difficult ones, whether physical, financial, spiritual or emotional. We believe relationships foster the best context in which to do that. Help and support are available at Grace Pasadena.

For help or more information on any of the below,  or to serve with the Mercy Ministry, please reach out by clicking the box below or  filling out the form at the bottom of the page.


Pastoral Support

The pastors and staff of Grace Pasadena are available to listen and for prayer. They are also happy to discuss questions of faith, practice and ways you can engage in the life of the congregation. Additionally they can recommend, if needed,  professional therapeutic counseling.

If you are in need of Pastoral help, please email one of the pastors or staff members or call the church office at (888) 909-7218.


The women and men of our Mercy Ministry and Diaconate are constantly working to help our people during times of physical and financial difficulty. They are ready to aid those struggling to pay for rent, food, counseling, medical care and other expenses. They are also ready to help in other areas, including budgeting and basic life skills, taxes and even moving.


In addition to responding in crisis, our Mercy Ministry also seeks to help prevent crisis. We offer periodic seminars that cover issues of finance and budgeting, marriage and relationships, and the like. For more information about these seminars, reach out to our Mercy Director and check out our Events page.

Meals Ministry

The Meals Ministry exists to provide some cooking relief during times of transition or difficulty, like medical emergencies or unemployment. Members of Grace are ready to deliver home cooked meals, or arrange for groceries or takeout.

Serve with your Time and Resources

"Just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another."
  John 13:13-14

The call to care for one another and the surrounding community is not for a select few; it's for all who call Jesus "Lord".  We believe God gives each of us more than enough so that we can bless one another. Consider the ways God might be asking you to share your money, time and resources. Join a ministry team or one of our outreach programs to the community.  Sign up for the Mercy Opportunities distribution list to stay informed about upcoming events. 

Need prayer or help? Want to Serve?

Email us and we will get back to you ASAP