Each of you should give what you have decided in your heart...

- 2 Corinthians 9:7

Giving Platform Update

We are moving to the Subsplash giving platform. Please read the following carefully:
1. If you are giving for the first time,  click the Subsplash giving link below, create an account and start giving to the work of Grace Pasadena.
2. If you are already giving through the Breeze platform,  click the Subsplash giving link below, create an account and start giving.  You may give via credit card or through an ACH transfer. Then cancel your giving through the Breeze platform.
3. Move your giving to Subsplash by 11/30  when giving via Breeze will be deactivated.
4. When setting up your giving,  consider signing up for automatic monthly giving.
5. If you prefer to use  PayPal, you may do so by clicking the Paypal giving link below.

** Keep in mind  that as more people give through Subsplash, processing fees decrease.

Grace Pasadena will continue to use Breeze for our directory and giving records. Subsplash integrates seamlessly with Breeze, which means you can still access all giving history through Breeze. Have questions? Email Jessica at the office.

Why we give.

God promises to give all we need for our lives and to be generous. In other words, God blesses so that we may be a blessing. Tithing, or sacrificial giving, is an act of faith and deepens gratitude for God's provision and nurtures our care for those around us.  Sacrificial giving is a habit that makes us more generous, joyful, caring and gracious people.

Also consider the ways you may give your time, talents, resources, words and actions. Call a friend, signup to serve on one of Grace's ministry teams, volunteer at a local non-profit, etc...  

Give as the Spirit leads and give joyfully.

Ways To Give

Give Online or by Text Message

Give online through the Subsplash Giving Platform. If you prefer, you may also give through  Paypal.  Or give via text message through Subsplash. Text the keyword "gracepas" to (888) 364-GIVE (4483) and follow the link in the reply to Subsplash giving. If you haven't yet created a Subsplash giving account, you can create one in seconds.

Give in Person on Sundays

Every Sunday, members and regular attendees have an opportunity to give. Although we do not pass a collection plate during worship, an offering box is available in the sanctuary for your gifts. During the offertory, we invite all into a time of reflection to help us consider all that we have, and all that God may be asking us to give. 

Give by Check or  ACH/E-Check

You may  mail your offering to our office address: 16 N. Marengo Ave., Suite 609, Pasadena, CA 91101. You may also set up automatic ACH or E-Check giving through our giving platforms.

Stocks & Securities

If you wish to give stocks or securities, please contact Jessica Wiley, our administrator. You may use the form below.

Have questions about giving?

We'd love to hear from you. Fill out the form below to get started.