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Rhythms of Renewal 2021

Creating Space in a Time of Chaos

“I cannot transform myself, or anyone else for that matter. What I can do is create the conditions in which spiritual transformation can take place by developing and maintaining a rhythm of spiritual practices that keep me open and available to God.”  
Ruth Haley Barton | Sacred Rhythms

Perhaps you’re thinking, “How could I possibly add one more thing to my life in 2021? My life is already crazy with all that is going on!” We hear you. We feel the same! That’s why we are offering these Rhythms of Renewal.* These are spiritual practices that help us see the space God is creating in our lives for deep communion with him. These are the practices that remind us that deep communion with God is what we are created to experience. These same practices invite us into that space and help us keep that space. The space, by God's love is there; there's more space than there is chaos.

We are always being pulled in so many different directions, and the current season has pulled many of us thin. We are being pulled and pushed into smaller spaces with fewer supports than we typically have. The upheaval we are experiencing internally (in our hearts, minds, and souls) and externally (in our social and political environment) is a “wilderness” disorientation that is both painful and yet full of possibility for the surprising activity of God in our lives. What would it look like to embrace and engage this season of wilderness, and our God who meets us in it, rather than simply trying to ride out 2021 in survival mode? Is there more than a "grin-and-bear-it" or "wait-and-see" attitude? The Good News of Jesus Christ answers with a resounding "YES".

Let's take up these rhythms and engage these practices. A new rhythm will be offered weekly, every Friday, for your consideration. See the links below.

One important note as we go: We do not engage these practices because we ought to, but because we have been set free to. We are free in Jesus to rest and play in the love of God that we receive fully and freely as a gift of God’s grace. The goal of engaging these practices is not to earn or achieve anything, but simply to experience more of God and to become the kind of people God has created and is calling us to become. That is people like Jesus, who live deeply in the love of God and share that love meaningfully with others.
*"Rhythms of Renewal" is adapted  with permission from materials by our friends at City Church Philadelphia.