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Resources for Lent

Holy Week Services

Stay tuned for more information about Holy Week Services, starting Palm Sunday, March 28.

Pancake Tuesday

Prepare for Lent by having a Pancake Dinner on Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. Use the prayers and meditation of this guide to help you. Use it with your household. Use it on your own. Feast and prepare for Lent!

Family Guide

How can we prepare little hearts for Lent? How can we help little ones enter this somber season of fasting and preparation with joy and expectation? We offer this family guide to help you. Included are explanations, activities, and a simple daily devotional.

Lent Prayer Guide

Let's prepare for Easter by rooting ourselves in the good news of Jesus Christ morning and evening. We offer you this guide as a tool to immerse yourselves in scripture and prayer. The guide includes an explanation about Lent, daily readings for mornings and evenings, and questions for contemplation.